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Robert wrote…

Had lunch last Tuesday with World-Renowned Personal Business Coach, Terry Ostrowiak. It was one of our best ever, now and then, catch up dialogues.

Terry informed me that he recently released his audio-book ‘The Greatest Book on Coaching for Small Business’ on

I downloaded it immediately and find myself motivated every time I listen to Terry’s melodious voice-recording while driving to clients and back.

His initial paperback version gave me some great insights into human behavior and relationships and the audio version has now strongly reinforced the impact of his insights and powerful messages for business people who want to coach rather than manage and who grasp this essential distinction. Business people who are being coached and are exposed to these simple ideas (not to be confused with easy) will probably start demanding their coaches do the same for them, to enhance their experience.

His latest paperback version, now updated, is ‘The Greatest Business Coaching Book’ – an easy read, also on Kindle and highly stimulating.

Don’t be misled by the simplicity and uncomplicated modesty of his writing. He gives you the feeling he is taking directly to you without façade and with no hidden agendas. His adult–to–adult manner of communicating is positively refreshing and natural. Initially you may wonder how these profound, every-day insights could be so simple to communicate, but as you read or listen further, the magic of his learning and international experience sinks into our minds, seamlessly.

You may even have the feeling he has got into your head because his intuition is so finely and appealingly transmitted.

Check him out and download either the latest Kindle version or the original audio-book. You will not be sorry you took immediate action. If you dither and then act, you may be sorry you did not move quicker.

Finally, if you do nothing about taking this initiative, you may have some of your friends or colleagues castigate you for your tardiness in not seizing the original moment – not a great feeling.

Do it NOW!

Robert Hans, Ed.D., M.P.A.
The Virtual CFO

Author: Terry Ostrowiak

Terry Ostrowiak is a Business Catalyst who assists open-minded executives to achieve Quantum Leap Results, targets and goals, faster and more easily than they could do it on their own.

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