The Process

What is the difference between the Quantum Leap Catalyst Process and other “mentoring or coaching” programs? The QLCat Process focuses on you as a person in an “Adult-to-Adult” relationship, not as a “Parent-to-Child” relationship. The Process starts off on the right foot with asking your permission to Coach you and help you achieve your goals. This maintains the integrity of the relationship and keeps the focus on your desires. Terry uses the process to:

  • Always focus on your agenda
  • Acts as a sounding board by using active listening techniques to help you open possible new areas of growth and development
  • Assist you to create a desirable new vision for your life and career
  • Walks in step with you until your objectives have been achieved
  • Challenges you to continuously raise your bar and reach new heights as you are prepared to do so, assisting you to achieve your Quantum Leap Results
  • Revamps and revitalizes the process with a new vision each step of the way with you
    Are you Teachable, Trainable, and Ready to reach your Quantum Leap in your career and life?

What is Quantum Leap?

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