The Common Denominator of Success

For many years now, my wife and I have been friends with Earl and Diana Nightingale.

Since he passed away in the late 1980’s, Diana has taken it upon herself to unselfishly dedicate and promote his work to the world.

His unique thinking style, his philosophy and resonant voice captivated millions of followers on radio in countless countries.

Diana has recently been writing a blog to ensure he is never forgotten.

He had a huge impact on my life from the first time I listened to his recording of “The Strangest Secret” when I was 21 years old and my admiration for him has never  waned or wavered.

In Diana’s latest blog she included a powerful narration of Albert E.N. Gray’s booklet “The Common Denominator of Success.”

It only takes a few minutes to listen and focus on this recording, but I am sure you will never forget it.

The story itself is immensely captivating, but Earl’s narration and his rich vocal tones make it come alive more than just reading it could ever do.

Thank you Diana for once again breathing life into the work of this Doyen of motivation.

This is the link to Earl Nightingale’s Narration of The Common Denominator of Success.

Just click on it – then listen and let me know what you think.

Author: Terry Ostrowiak

Terry Ostrowiak is a Business Catalyst who assists open-minded executives to achieve Quantum Leap Results, targets and goals, faster and more easily than they could do it on their own.

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