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Kai Adler’s Story

Where I made my Quantum Leap with was at the workplace. If it wasn’t for Terry, I would have quit my fundraising job months ago due to a very adversarial relationship I had with my boss. Not only did Terry help me get re-energized about my work, but I now have been able to turn my relationship around with my boss into one of understanding and even mentorship. AND, I am now making more money for this organization than they have ever seen. I have met a goal which Terry encouraged me to set (and frankly I didn’t think it was even achievable). I now have the confidence that I can increase revenues by 300% for the following year! And increase my own bank account! Thank you Terry.

MR – California

The work was good. Colleagues appreciated my work, however I was dying inside. My senior manager never seemed appreciative of my efforts. In fact most of my discussions with him were critical and although I have loads of self confidence he invariably made me feel insignificant. Terry coached me to recognize my own value and not to be affected by his negative feedback. I challenged myself to discuss with him what effect he was having on me and other members of the team and there has been a significant change. He has now been promoted as I have too. The challenges in Board meetings are intense, but I am much stronger now and have much greater belief in my abilities. My division is getting the recognition it deserves from the management tools Terry has taught me and I am now judged on results not rumor or gossip. My next step is to coach my team to also make Quantum Leaps by becoming more result-oriented.

PJ – Manager

For years I toiled as a therapist with people in pain and then as a manager of other therapists in my own business with a little success. Terry worked with us and challenged me to take a Quantum Leap by following my dream. Now I have developed a global, online program based on my technology that is licensed to health professionals, world-wide. They access and use it to increase their value with their clients.

P.M. – Symmetry-on-line Health Professional for People in Pain

I was overworking, stressed and as a result, spent too little time at home with my wife and little kids. In two weeks Terry challenged me to delegate major parts of my job to my team which I did. Suddenly I started to focus on what really counted in my job. Within a month the stress was gone, my team was happier and motivated to take on more responsibility and my boss started to see me as a valuable asset to the company.

Joe – Manager (Bank in Europe)

I was shy and felt unable to make connections with people at work or outside of work. After a few weeks working with Terry as a Catalyst he challenged me to start approaching customers and colleagues to be more helpful. My technical knowledge and skills are excellent, but I was reluctant to communicate with people. I also went back to school, something I’d wanted to do for over a year and I’m performing extremely well. I’m at the top of most of my classes and I’ve been making friends and networking with an ease I would never before have imagined. I’ve also managed to spend more time with my parents and my relationship with them and my friends has improved beyond belief. Within two months my sales and those of my team are up dramatically; in fact it is a Quantum Leap Result for me as I could never before have foreseen such a dramatic change in my performance. Currently I am in line for a promotion to manage my own team.

Brian W. in Retail Electronics, Dallas

You have made a tremendous difference in my life and the way I work in my business. I know many coaches – all claiming different specialties and niches. You are more than a typical coach. You are definitely a  Catalyst  who uses coaching and leadership techniques to help me keep leaping in the direction that I aspire. There are several important things that led me to work with you. First, you have a unique blend of very successful experience in diverse business cultures and hands-on leadership, all around the world. This gives you the ability to add a richness and perspective to my thinking and planning that I’d never be able to reach on my own. Just as importantly, you have become a very caring mentor that is always there for me. Not only are you highly-skilled at evoking my internal guidance system, you are also able to challenge me to come out of my comfort zone, while being completely supportive. You are a mentor and a partner who believes in me and my abilities . You continue to help me push through my challenges. This last year, while “walking” with you, I have reached nearly every goal I set for myself. I am now working on the last goal I stated for this year and the year is not over. I expect the best results because every other result has been right on target.

MJP Strategic Marketing & Executive Consultant Connect with Terry