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Guest – Dave Larson: Starting a Business from Scratch
“How do we start a new business? What is involved? What is expected of me? How much money do I need to get started? How will I survive financially in the first few months? What if I don’t make it?” These are some of the questions Terry and his guest, Dave Larson, COO of The Small Business Company.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Boaz Dinte: How Does A Small Country Produce So Many Hi-Tech, International Companies?
Joining Terry is Boaz Dinte, Managing Partner of Evergreen, a Venture Partners group. Tune in as Boaz discusses the reasons why Israel has so many hi-tech start-ups. What kind of culture produces entrepreneurial ventures? Why have so many of these businesses been highly-successful and sustainable? Boaz sheds some light on these questions and more.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Ron Weissberg : Future Opportunities and Hurdles for Our Company – Are We Ready for the Challenge?
-“Our Company is doing fine. Everyone is busy. We are making a profit – conquering more market share, but what about the next 10 – 15 years. Will our company still be here?” These questions are common to growing companies. Tune in as Terry talks with Ron Weissberg, chairman of ILD Insurance Corporation and ICIC Credit Insurance Company as they discuss how to best leverage future opportunities for your company.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Glenn P. Murray: Strategic Use of Technologies to Outperform Our Competitors and Grow Our Business
Tune in as the Quantum Leap Catalyst, Terry Ostrowiak, and guest Glenn P. Murray share how to identify inefficiency in our business and target areas that increase customer acquisition using technology as a communications bridge. Working in entrepreneurial environments Glenn says, “Without innovation, business eventually stagnates, giving competition the advantage”.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Harv Baron: How To Find The Impact Players That You Are Looking For, To Grow Your Company
How can you expect to grow a company and manage that growth, relying only on available talent that is out of work, unhappy with their current job, or by chance, found you? Find out as Harv Baron, CEO of an Executive Search Firm, joins Terry to discuss how to find the Impact Players that you are looking for to grow your company, when they are not out there looking for you.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Bernie De Koven: Fun Makes Good Business Sense
Tune in as Bernie De Koven joins Terry to discuss learning points for small business 1) Playfulness – a gentle, responsive sense of playfulness and humor, helps transcend the petty issues that drive us apart 2) The fun of work – surprises are all helpful in maintaining a sense of fun, but real fun is in work itself 3) Fun and flow – the balance between challenge and abilities, boredom and anxiety 4) Fun in meetings – introducing the idea of “collaboration” – awareness of what makes a meeting “good”.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Jay S. Potter: How To Attract Funding For Small Companies
Joining Terry is Jay S. Potter, Chairman and shareholder of Nexcore Capital – an investment banking, venture capitalist and wealth management company. He was independently engaged in the securities industry as a licensed and registered representative for nearly twenty years. Jay discusses the trials and tribulations of small companies going public – how to attract funding and the most exciting element of his operation – focus on the development of socially beneficial, innovative technologies.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Quantum Leap Results – “What is it? How do I make that Leap – Personally and in My Business?”
Quantum Leap Catalyst, Terry Ostrowiak, coaches phone-in callers and email enquirers to create a Quantum Leap Vision with a commitment to follow-through on their projects. .Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Daniel Kleinberg: How To Create A Home-Based Business That Can Compete World-Wide
Daniel Kleinberg, CEO of an e-commerce provider that is a world-leader in its field says, “To succeed you have to be mean and lean aggressive, but gentle. Use the latest automation and finally, support – support – support.”Daniel tells us how he and his partner created a home-based business that is a world-leader in its field.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Peter Thomas: Connecting Our People to Our Corporate Plan – Implementing Strategy
Tune in for discussion about empowering our people to perform by involving them in the journey. Management is still using industrial-age policies of telling their staff what they want them to do. In an age of working with smart people, if we want to engage them; we need to tell them, clearly where we are heading and then ask them how they think we can get there.Joining Terry is Peter Thomas, CEO of ‘Participlan’ Group Facilitation (Pty) Ltd.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Ilan Rubinstein: Peak Performance for Ourselves and Our Companies
Business owners, executives and most managers are familiar with these frustrating feelings – “I know I can do better, why don’t I?”; “I think I am stuck. How can I get out of it?”; “Is this is the only way to do it? Are there are any other ways?”; “Am I doing the right thing? Should I do more of the same?”; “I’m not achieving my expectations”; “What’s peak-performance for me?”Tune in as business coach, entrepreneur and business owner, Ilan Rubinstein joins Terry to address how people perform after asking themselves these questions and discuss Executives and Managers who have achieved Quantum Leap Results.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Ian Browde: Mobilizing Our Humanity at Work to Build High Performing Companies
Guest Ian Browde is the Director of Strategy and Business Development at Nokia Inc., Enterprise Solutions’ division. His dual focus is secure mobility solutions architecture and strategic alliance management.Join Terry and Ian as they share a simple way to mobilize our basic common characteristic – being human. They discuss how through this shift can raise our game in all aspects of business from productivity and sustainable productivity to meaningful life balance.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Walter Lewis: Little-Known Secrets of Success in Moving Small Business to Higher Levels of Achievement
Tune in as Terry and Walter Lewis give practical lessons from Big Business applicable to Small Business – for Executives and Managers who have had enough of the grind and want to take Quantum Leaps to new levels. Walter Lewis is an International Businessman and entrepreneur who pulled himself up by his own bootstraps, taught himself how to survive and thrive at the highest echelons of big business.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Lee Silber: Inject Practical Creativity into our Business to reach Quantum Leap Results
To attain good business results requires dedication, consistency, drive and passion as well as many other desirable traits. To attain Quantum Leap Results requires these characteristics plus a completely different mindset – including openness to the possibility of a Quantum Leap in our businesses.Joining The Quantum Leap Catalyst is Lee Silber, entrepreneur, author, talk show host and avid surfer.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Stu Schreiber: Why So Many Small Businesses Fail In the First Year Why do so many small businesses fail in the first year? How do you achieve success and results you dreamed of when you first started? Tune in as Terry talks with Stu Schreiber, President of The Small Business Company to discuss the pitfalls and the potential problems to avoid and how to get out of them if you’re already there.

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Guest – Jude Gladstone Cade: Motivating and Empowering Employees to Actively Support Product and Service Offers to Customers
The world’s leading companies have learned that people are now their most important investment. Through technology and quality programs we’ve automated most every business process, yet this investment is presented to our customers by our people. And our people are either actively for us, neutral, or actively against us. Joining Terry is Jude Gladstone Cade, Consulting Business Psychologist, to share effective methods and skills for motivating and empowering our people to be the active supporters of our offerings to customers.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Mikki Jo Park: Strategic Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
Mikki Jo (MJ) Park has 15 years experience implementing strategies to increase measurable productivity in Business Development, Management, and Operations. MJ is a career coach and business consultant ( Her clients benefit from her insight born from a rich and diverse background. MJ joins Terry to discuss how to ensure sales and marketing are aligned and focused on achieving sustainable, planned results.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Rita Soza: Why Human Resources Management for Small Businesses?
The small business owner has precious few opportunities to add labor costs to the budget. Therefore the effectiveness of the hiring process is critical. Knowing how to hire the best people from our shrinking pool of qualified technical labor in an even more complicated legal environment makes a partnership with an experienced human resources professional an opportunity and a necessity for competitive advantage. Joining Terry is Rita Soza, human resources leader, who has over 20 years experience as consultant and coach to senior management, effective business partner, collaborative leader and creative problem solver.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Patrick Mummy: Turn A Small Business Opportunity Into A Global Success
Patrick R. Mummy is the founder and President of both Licensed To Heal, Inc (LTH) and Symmetry–the parent company to LTH, and the author of the nationally acclaimed book, Symmetry. Relieve Pain and Optimize Physical Motion. LTH, a globally-based, state-of-the-art technology software program is receiving national attention for its pioneering success in integrating long-term pain relief interventions into most multi-disciplinary modalities, including, but not limited to, osteopathy, chiropractic, physical therapists, acupuncture, personal training and all forms of therapeutic bodywork.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Robert Hans: Make Small Business Administration Simple and Easy
Robert Hans is President of Chief Financial Officers, Inc. CFO, Inc provides part-time Full-Charge Bookkeepers, Controllers and Financial Management Coaches for micro companies in California. He joins Terry to share his insights and offers advice on simple, low cost financial systems that keep small businesses on track.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Susette Nichols, Finance Banking
Explore the practical use of simple, proven management tools that translate to a huge bottom line improvement for small businesses. Joining Terry is Susette Nichols, Finance Banking. Susette is an American businesswoman currently working in The Netherlands for a large Dutch bank and has practical experience in personally working with simple management tools.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Stephen Bick: “What is Our Small Business Worth?”
Ever wonder what the market value is for your small business. Tune in as Terry speaks with Stephen Bick, CEO Cottingham Management Trust to discuss how to accurately value a small business and then develop an exit strategy to actually get paid for what it is worth. Mr. Bick concentrates his practice on restructuring and turnarounds and the valuation of business interests, securities and intangible assets.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Louise Out: Cultural Differences in Business in the USA and Overseas
Tune in as Terry talks with Louise Out, IBM Director of Marketing in Benelux Countries (Netherlands) and learn how to recognize the cultural differences and diversity in businesses and leverage the internal and external opportunity. Louise shares what works and what goes wrong in small and large businesses from her international perspective.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Steve Alexander
What works and what goes wrong with company communication? Find out as the Quantum Leap Catalyst, Terry Ostrowiak talks with Steve Alexander, a Corporate Communications Specialist in San Diego. Stay tuned for corporate communications ideas and tips from big business that can be implemented in small businesses.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Finno Furre: Vision – A Growth Strategy for Successful Results
Nothing happens without a clear vision leading to strategy for growth and successful results in our business. Join Host Terry Ostrowiak as he interviews Finno Furre, President of ConMoveo in Malmo, Sweden ( on what works and what goes wrong with “Vision” in small and large businesses.Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Leadership in Business
Creating environments that allow people to use their strengths and creativity. The importance of trust in business Effective Delegation – Getting out of the way. Becoming a positive source for change He asks: How would your organization benefit from higher levels of emotional intelligence?Audio available in the following formats :Download MP3
Guest – Dave Larson: Achieving Quantum Leap Results in our Business
Our Guest: Dave Larson – The Small Business Company . We talk about: “Achieving Quantum Leap Results in our Business” Stretching ourselves to go beyond “self-limiting barriers and being just average” to achieving results far greater than we ever believed possible in Business
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